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U of T regularly ranks as the best university in Canada to study chemical engineering and offers one of the top programs in the world. In your upper years, you'll have a chance to participate in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering's Minors and Certificates, and explore the Department's eight research clusters: Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering; Bioprocess Engineering; Chemical & Material Process Engineering; Environmental Science & Engineering; Informatics; Pulp & Paper; Surface & Interface Engineering; and Sustainable Energy.

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Alum thanks ChemE for support after husband released from Egyptian prison, reunited with family - Sarah Attia (ChemE MASc 0T5) and her husband Khaled Al-Qazzaz (MIE MASc 0T3) recently visited the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry to thank the Department for its support. This past summer, Al-Qazzaz was reunited with Attia and their four children after he spent three years trapped in Egypt, much of it in a... Read more »
Clean water, clean air: ChemE research addresses big sustainability questions - Every person on this planet needs clean water to survive. Yet the World Bank estimates that 1.6 billion people — that’s more than one in five — live in a region of “absolute water scarcity.” That number is expected to climb to 2.8 billion by 2025 due to climate change. Professor Ramin Farnood (ChemE PhD... Read more »
New research consortium aims to build critical bridge between environmental and health data - You can sequence your unique genome in search of genetic mutations that cause disease. But it’s much harder to study your ‘exposome’ — the cumulative effect of your environment on your health over a lifetime. Now a pan-Canadian research consortium wants to connect detailed environmental data with public health data to study Canadians’ exposomes. Dr. Jeffrey... Read more »
ChemE undergrad wins Rhodes Scholarship - Stephanie Gaglione, who is majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Toronto, has been selected as a 2017 Rhodes Scholar, a prestigious annual scholarship to the University of Oxford. Gaglione, who loves to rock climb, run and canoe, celebrated by going out to dinner with friends and watching the new Harry Potter movie –... Read more »
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