MEng Project

MEng students may complete an optional MEng Project. The project will be of interest to students who are considering pursuing a PhD in the future, or wish to enhance their technical knowledge with research experience.

Grad_LGThe project must be carried out under the supervision of a faculty member.  The topic should be selected in consultation with the prospective supervisor, and may entail experiments or data collection at the student’s place of employment, if suitable arrangements can be made.  The project should entail a critical review of the relevant literature, data collection and analysis, and possibly new theory.

The MEng Project takes the place of 3 CHE technical half-credit (H) courses, and usually takes 6-8 months to complete, approximately the same time as three technical courses.  Students must register in the CHE1800Y MEng Project course and must complete Safety Training (CHE222H) before work on the project can begin.  Once a student is enrolled in the project course, they must remain registered (and pay fees) until the project is complete. Students should carefully assess their ability to spend the time necessary to complete the project while balancing other commitments.

Students must write a report upon completing the project. The supervisor of your project will review your project report and make correction recommendations.  At the supervisor’s discretion, a second reader or an oral examination may be required; while this is rare, it could affect your completion timeline and, therefore, should be discussed with your supervisor as you near the end of your project.

Students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss available projects or their own suggestions, and can also check the Current Student Research Opportunities page for current projects posted by faculty members.