MEng Requirements & Course Load

Course Requirements

  • 10 half-credit (H) courses in total, of which
    • a minimum of 6 must be technical (at least 3 from ChemE)
    • a maximum of 4 may be non-technical
    • a maximum of 3 half-credit (H) 500-level courses (undergrad courses open to grad students) may count towards the degree. 500-level courses are either technical or non-technical based on the course content.
  • May complete an optional MEng Project, which counts as 3 half-credit (H)  technical courses.  Must complete departmental Safety Training (CHE2222H) before starting the project.

Students in a collaborative program must satisfy the requirements of that program in addition to this Department’s requirements. Some courses may count simultaneously towards both a student’s MEng degree and a collaborative program.  Careful course planning and consultation with the MEng Advisor and the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office is recommended.

Course Load

The table below shows the normal course loads and time limits for MEng program.

MEng Program Length (academic sessions) Time limit for program completion Normal course load
Full-time 3 sessions 3 years 4 courses in Fall (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
4 courses in Winter (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
2 courses in Summer (2 non-technical)
Extended full-time 6 sessions 3 years 6 courses / year
(max. 3 / academic session)
Part-time 9 sessions 6 years 1-4 courses/year (max. 2 / academic session)


MEng students are not required to be in full-time residence (physically on campus on a full-time basis) and do not need to be continually enrolled in courses.  The one exception is the MEng project (CHE1800Y). Once a student enrols in the project course CHE1800Y, he or she must be continually enrolled in the project (and pay fees) until the project is complete.

Full-time MEng students are entitled to a locker, located outside the Graduate Student Lounge (WB247).  Contact the Graduate Assistant to sign out a locker.