Regulations and Processes for Professional (MEng) & Research Degrees (MASc, PhD)

The following websites contain the regulations applicable to all MEng, MASc and PhD students in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry.

Review this information carefully!  You are responsible for knowing and understanding your program’s regulations and policies, and meeting relevant deadlines.

Additional information not included in the below websites can be found on the ChemE MEng, MASc and PhD webpages.

Website Information Applicable to…
SGS General Regulations
  • application & admission policies
  • program structures
  • registration & enrolment
  • grading and academic standing
  • program time limits & progress
  • supervision
  • graduation
  • appeals
  • & more
…all graduate students
SGS Degree Regulations
  • admission requirements
  • transfers
  • program requirements
…all graduate students
SGS Program Regulations – Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
  • programs offered in ChemE
  • ChemE admission & program requirements
  • ChemE program lengths & time limits
…all ChemE graduate students
SGS Stop-Out, Withdrawal, and Failure to Register
  • temporarily stopping your program (coursework-only MEng)
  • withdrawal
  • failure to register continuously
…all graduate students