Academic Services


UofT’s student information system containing current information such as registration status, fees invoice, course enrolment and grades, scholarship information.  Ensure that your information in ACORN/ROSI is current and accurate.  Log in using your UTORid.

The University Portal

Used by many professors to manage course material and communication with students.  Courses in which you are enrolled that have an active portal site will automatically appear in the portal, once you log in using your UTORid.


The two main libraries for engineering are the Engineering Library, located on the second floor of the Sanford Fleming Building, and the Gerstein Science Information Centre. Access on-line academic resources such as journals, research help, training sessions, etc. using your UTORid.  Some libraries require using your TCard for entry.


Order an academic transcript through ACORN/ROSI, or the University of Toronto Transcript Centre.

School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

Graduate student services (letters, GO Transit discount, reactivating ROSI PIN numbers), information on financing your education, managing your program, and student-related policies/guidelines and responsibilities, scholarships & awards, sessional dates, and much more.

Office of English Language and Writing Support (ELWS)

Provides graduate students with advanced training in academic writing and speaking.

Graduate Professional Skills Program (GPS)

GPS focuses on skills beyond those conventionally learned within a disciplinary program—skills that may be critical to success in the wide range of careers that graduates enter, both within and outside academe.