Health & Safety Committee

A requirement of the Act is the establishment of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The membership of this Committee is as follows:

Management (M)
or Worker (W) Member
Name of Union
or Employee Group
Prof. B.A. Saville, Co-Chair (Certified Faculty) 304 87745 M  Faculty
G. Bankian-Tabrizi, Co-Chair (Certified Worker) 207 63457 W  USWA
R. Gensell, Secretary (Certified Worker) 217 83063 W  USWA
D. Tomchyshyn 260 81144 W  USWA
P. Jowlabar 125A 85623 M  Faculty
G. Norval 216C 67507 M  Faculty
P. Milczarek 16 85504 W  USWA
E. Susilawati (Certified Worker) 314 87737 W  USWA
R. DiLeo 333 84046 W  USWA
J.-A. Gandier, Grad. Representative 311 81717 W  CUPE 3902
N. Obaid, Grad. Representative 114/120 63378 W  CUPE 3902