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Supermileage Team aims to retake top spot at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas April 27, 2017 - The University of Toronto’s Supermileage Team is hoping to retake the top spot at the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas (SEMA) competition, having snagged a silver medal last year. The team, composed of U of T Engineering students, has been working around the clock to design and build two hyper-efficient vehicles to race in two categories: gasoline... Read more »
Battling infectious diseases with 3-D structures April 26, 2017 - CHICAGO – An international team of scientists led by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has determined the 3-D atomic structure of more than 1,000 proteins that are potential drug and vaccine targets to combat some of the world’s most dangerous emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. These experimentally determined structures have been deposited into the... Read more »
TTC subway is 10 times more polluted than outside April 26, 2017 - The air quality on TTC platforms and trains is comparable to a typical day in Beijing, says Professor Greg Evans. Waiting for a train in Toronto exposes you to three times the pollution found on Montreal’s Metro and five times the pollution found on Vancouver’s SkyTrain. Read full story.
Chris Yip to head international partnerships at U of T April 13, 2017 - Professor Christopher Yip, Director of the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), has been appointed as U of T’s first Associate Vice-President of International Partnerships, effective the start of July 2017. Read more.
Wildfires in Fort McMurray not forgotten March 31, 2017 - Almost a year after the worst natural disaster in Canada’s history, the residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, are continuing to rebuild their lives, and come to grips with the physical, mental and environmental impacts of the wildfires and evacuation. As part of its commitment to help in the long-term recovery of residents of Fort McMurray... Read more »
International research group finds link between late-night dinners and breast cancer March 24, 2017 - Women who eat rice or noodles after 10pm are more at risk of developing breast cancer. The risk increases by half if food is consumed after 10pm at least once a week for more than a year, compared to those women who never snack late at night. That is what an international research group found... Read more »
ChemE Alum leads Hydrogenics to Deal for 2.4 MW Power-to-Gas Plant March 22, 2017 - Hydrogenics Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Wind to Gas Südermarsch GmbH & Co. KG in Germany to deliver a 2.4 megawatt PEM Power-to-Gas system for hydrogen production. “This 2.4 megawatt facility will greatly help reduce emissions through... Read more »
The invisible clean-up crew: Engineering microbial cultures to destroy pollutants February 21, 2017 - U of T engineering professor Elizabeth Edwards is internationally recognized for using biotechnology to clean up industrial solvents in soil and groundwater. Her technique earned her the prestigious Killam Prize in 2016 and has already been used to restore more than 500 sites around the world. One way to decontaminate industrial sites involves digging up... Read more »
ChemE team invents double-fortified salt to improve nutrition for 24 million in Uttar Pradesh February 15, 2017 - Double-fortified salt (DFS) is now being distributed to 4.6 million families — representing more than 24 million people — in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The product, developed at U of T Engineering, provides a simple, effective way to add iron in the diets of people who don’t currently get enough. “We’re very excited... Read more »
Call for applications: LOT Awards February 15, 2017 - The objective of these Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Awards is to recognize students in Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry who have shown the potential to become outstanding leaders.  This potential may be demonstrated in a number of ways, including participation in student councils or clubs, community organizations, cultural groups, or athletics. Applicants should enumerate their... Read more »
Diesel trains may expose passengers to exhaust February 7, 2017 - Measurements taken by U of T Engineering researchers from the Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR) show that levels of certain airborne particles can be up to nine times higher in train cars pulled by diesel locomotives than on busy city streets. Read full story from: U of T Engineering News Toronto Star
ChemE prof shares Connaught Innovation Award of $790,000 with eight other U of T researchers February 1, 2017 - Prof. Donald Kirk (ChemE MASc 7T5, PhD 7T9) is among nine researchers at U of T sharing $790,000 in funding through the 2016-17 Connaught Innovation Award. Prof. Kirk won for his research on electrochemical glycerol carbonate production. Read the full story.
New ChemE prof uses microwaves to make mining more sustainable February 1, 2017 - Professor Erin Bobicki (MSE, ChemE) is working to reduce the environmental impact of mining and mineral processing — and her secret weapon is a common household appliance. “I basically did my PhD by putting rocks in a microwave,” she says. “I drilled a hole in it and put a small reactor vessel inside.” While this should definitely be... Read more »
ChemE prof critiques Fraser Institute report on Ontario’s coal phase-out January 20, 2017 - Policy makers should be wary of a new Fraser Institute report released Tuesday that concludes the phase-out of coal in Ontario did little to reduce air pollution, the director of the University of Toronto’s air quality research centre warned. “I find the report rather disappointing,” said Prof. Greg Evans, the director of the Southern Ontario... Read more »
Meet the ChemE alum who invented the modern-day battery January 2, 2017 - In 1959, the late Lewis Urry (5T0) invented the zinc manganese dioxide alkaline battery. It remains one of the most significant advancements in the battery’s history. Mr. Urry, who worked for Toronto-based Canadian National Carbon Co. at the time, was tasked with discovering a way to extend the life span of the commonly used zinc-carbon... Read more »
Bill Dowkes announces 500 for 50k Challenge November 14, 2016 - UPDATE: We Did it! The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied surpassed the goal of 500 donations before December 31st to unlock the $50, 000 donation from Bill Dowkes. Thank you to everyone who donated during the campaign! Bill Dowkes (ChemE 6T2) has been a fixture in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry... Read more »