Network and IT Job Request Procedure


  •  In order to facilitate proper service no job will be started prior to an “Online Job Ticket” being submitted outlining the nature of the problem.
  • The job submission site is:
  •  Estimates can be provided if requested in the job submission.  Please note that while we will do our best to supply an accurate estimate, when dealing with computers, hidden issues can arise. Should we discover that the job will require more time, the job requester will be notified and requested to authorize the additional charges and continuation of the job.  Please remember that Technical Services staff must be given time to review the job fully prior to giving an estimate.
  •  Job tickets can be reviewed by the Research Group Supervisor after submission and if they wish, they can track progress of these jobs via the online ticketing site.
  • Once a Job Ticket is submitted, it will be put in the job queue and are usually done in order of submission.
  • Please note that all jobs will be done on a first come/first serve basis unless the job is deemed to be an ‘Emergency’ by the Network/IT office.
  • Someone from the Network/IT office will contact you with any questions they may have about the job and to schedule a time with you to do the job if needed.