Teleconferencing Services

The University’s Telecommunications office offers Bell conference calling to those offices and phone lines set for this feature (most Professors’ phone lines). If your phone has a built-in phone feature called “3-way conferencing”, it can be used if one person (number 1) places the original call to another person (number 2). The first person can then bring in another caller (number 3) to make a three-way conference call. There is no extra charge for using this service, except long distance charges where these apply. 

For Department faculty and staff only: If you need to make a conference call and the call is with more than 2 people plus yourself, or your phone does not have the 3-way conference calling feature, we have set up a teleconference service through Bell Conferencing Inc. Please note that there is a charge of $0.12 per minute per line calling into the Bell conferencing line (includes moderator plus all participants). 

You must click on the link below, and complete and submit the form prior to your call so that it is registered for billing purposes, and also to check for conflicts in use of the service. Only one conference can be held at a time. Please contact Gorette Silva at 416-978-3063 if you need assistance with this service. 

For Teleconference Call Booking click here